The girl’s words gave him hope. If she could access his mind and unlock the memories, it would be an enormous improvement. “Wonderful!! But why wait? You could try right now!” he said eagerly with a hopeful smile. “I’m ready.”

He looked at the hand on his shoulder. The girl was desperately trying to help and she didn’t know the slightest information about him, it was fascinating and a strangely unusual feeling for Erik. “It would be great if you could lead me to Ororo, yes. If there’s even the slightest chance of unlocking memories by meeting her, we have to try. With a little luck, maybe she’ll remember me and will be able to tell me more about myself…” 

Senna’s face slightly paled at the request, nerves kicking in without hesitation. “You know, if you just woke up.. m-maybe it’s better to rest and get your baring first, you know?” Her voice sang clear that she didn’t have any confidence, and so did the sudden picking of her sleeves. He had far too much faith in her already.

"I can do that," she grinned, standing up. "We can go now, or we can go later, that’s entirely up to you. I can give you my number too, in case you need anything. Ororo’s not hard to find either way. You can spot her a mile off with her hair being so white," she chuckled. Yeah, after everything with Creed, Ororo was probably going to be their best bet right now. Maybe Remy would know? But then.. didn’t he say he didn’t remember anyone? Her brother wouldn’t have a clue either. "We’re gonna make sure we make everything better, promise!"


"An empath? So does it mean you can manipulate others’ feelings?" Her childlike pride when she talked about her powers was pleasant to see and he smiled back when she winked. "If you’re a telepath, would you be able to get inside my head and help me find my memories back?" he asked with hope. When asked what his powers were, he looked down. "I- I don’t remember." He looked back at her. "I really don’t remember." He really didn’t like not remembering what his powers were, because, for some reason, he felt he had always been proud of having those. He knew they defined him, but he couldn’t remember what they were. He was feeling empty.

"I need to find him, I really do. Maybe just seeing his face will help remember more. Or hearing his voice… The more people I need, the more I’ll remember, I hope…

Ororo Munroe, that name also sounded familiar. She had something to do with the weather, if Erik remembered correctly. “I know her. I’m sure of it. I’ll have to meet her too, maybe she’ll have answers.”

"Does indeed!" I can do a lot of things with it, more than people realise. As for the telepathy.." Her expression softened into one of a sad smile as she shook her head slightly. "I can try. But I’m limited, mostly to communication with thoughts and reading the thoughts of others at the time. But I’ll give it a shot if you want me to, when you’re more settled and levelled out." The emotions that rolled over him were felt clearly by herself, and she put a hand on his shoulder gently and smiled softly. "In that case, we’ll just have to figure it out again, won’t we? You’re not alone."

"I can introduce you to Ororo, she’s both a mentor and a friend. She can point you to Xavier and all the other things. She’ll be able to help you more with that than I can, I’m afraid." Plus, Ororo was better suited to these situations, and she may know who Erik is. The weather bender had recognised Victor, so maybe she’d be able to do the same here?


Again, Erik listened to the young Senna explaining as much as she could about what was going on. When she mentioned powers, he realised he knew what it meant and knew he possessed powers himself. But he couldn’t remember what those were. It was frustrating not to remember more, but at least it was a beginning. Hopefully, these little chats with Senna would help him remember more.

He watched her coming closer to him and appreciated the feeling of comfort he suddenly felt in her company. “What are your powers?” he inquired, curious.

Creed! “Creed…” he repeated. “Victor Creed… Sabretooth!” he exclaimed suddenly, even remembering the face of the beast. “I know him. He’s a…a…” What was he to him? A friend? Strangely, Erik didn’t feel particularly close to him, not enough to call him friend anyway. “A colleague. He works for me.”

"A telepath? And the X-Men, he’s their leader?"

"I’m an empath!" she grinned proudly, her power something she’d always been proud of. "Though.. I do have a few other tricks up my sleeve," she winked, "even have a touch of telepathy too. Though.. it’s not strong, like at all." She turned to face him properly in her seat and tilted her head, curiosity getting the better of her. "What can you do?" she asked.

The sudden outburst made her jump, and it took a her a few moments to relax again when she realised what was going on. “That’s him!” she laughed, “he said he worked in the Brotherhood. He’s about here somewhere. Maybe he can help fill you in on things.. though.. he doesn’t remember much himself,” she sighed. 

"Mhm. He’s like, incredibly powerful with it. And he created the X-Men, but as far as I’m aware he doesn’t lead them per say, more guides them. The group has their own leaders, I think, but I couldn’t tell you who.. although there’s a woman here, Ororo Munroe? She’s part of the group."


He listened to her, remaining silent, letting every word sink in. What he heard reassured him in a sense, at least he wasn’t the only amnesiac around. But it was all the more strange and frightening. Memory loss wasn’t contagious, it wasn’t something you could pass to your neighbour, it happened for a reason - often bad ones.

"And since you awoke, have you recovered bits of your memory? Or is it still complete darkness?" he asked, hoping his would return soon. And when it would, he would know what had caused it. Charles Xavier. The name really was familiar, now he had the first name as well. But still no face.

"The Brotherhood?" he repeated as if hit with a blow. The X-Men, the Brotherhood… These names were ones he had often heard and spoken himself. "I know that," he said, closing his eyes and rubbing his forehead in concentration. "But I just… I can’t remember!" he sighed in despair. Patience had never been his strong suit, no need to have full memory to understand that. And the process of recovery would be a long one. "If only there was a way to get the memory back… This Charles Xavier, the guy who lives here, who offers you a home in his own house, what is he, a scientist?" if so, he would maybe be able to help them recover the lost memories…

"Little bits," she nodded, "it’s different for everybody. Some people remember a lot fast, others don’t, or remember certain things but not enough. Me? I remember my feelings towards people, even if I don’t know who they are. I think it comes down to my powers more than anything, but it works nonetheless. And I also remember a few people, but things are coming back. It’ll come back to you too, don’t worry." Though, she couldn’t back that up with anything but what was happening with everyone else. 

She grinned when she saw the spark of knowledge in him, glad she’d said something that brought something back at least. When she felt his frustration, she got up out of her chair to take a seat closer to him. “That’s alright. I have a few names we can try, if you like? They’re members of the Brotherhood. Let’s see.. Victor Creed? Lara Mascord? They ring a bell?” At his questioning of Xavier, Senna chewed the inside of her cheek. “No, no he’s not. He’s a mutant, a powerful telepath, probably the most powerful if anything. This mansion isn’t just a home, it’s a school. Though the last I heard, he was just as lost as we are, even though he’s been working hard on trying to figure out our memory problem.”


The girl was so nice and welcoming, it almost felt awkward to Erik, and he didn’t even know why. Surely it had something to do with his past and experiences he didn’t remember, but it still felt nice to have someone so eager to help.

When Senna smiled once more, a smile appeared on Erik’s own lips, and it felt like a long time ago since he had last smiled. Mutants? Yes, yes, that he knew what they were. He was one himself, actually. Xavier? The name sounded somewhat familiar, but no face appeared in his mind to match the name. “Safe from what?” he inquired, looking at the classroom she showed him. He entered the room and turned back to her when she promised she wouldn’t force him. It somehow felt awkward that this young girl would promise such a thing to him, he didn’t feel particularly threatened by her: even if she suddenly shifted mood and decided to attack him, he could see she wouldn’t be much of a danger to him and he would be able to overcome her easily. But still, he appreciated the fact that she would say so aloud, just to reassure him.

"Very well," he said, sitting down on a chair, ready for the lecture. "I would appreciate it if you would tell me what happened, Senna."

"Well.." She wasn’t quite sure how to answer, frowning to herself, "anything, really, I guess." She followed him inside the room, closing the door behind her, pausing in her step when he turned to face her again. She grinned once more, wondering whether or not to bring her empathy into the game. He wasn’t so nervous any more, was he? He didn’t seem so.. threatened? Putting the thought to the side for a moment, she moved over to her own seat she’d sat in previously and crossed her legs on the chair.

"No one really knows what exactly happened," she began, "everyone woke up one day with missing memories, not knowing where they were, what they’d done the day before, things like that. We’ve all lost track of time. There were few who didn’t wake up straight away.. I guess you were one of them, but.. yeah.. it got a little crazy here." She sighed and rubbed her eyes with the back of her hand, waiting for her words to sink in before she continued. "Charles Xavier, who owns this place, he shut down the school for a few months because.. well.. he had his reasons, I guess. Those who didn’t have anywhere to go stayed behind, like myself, but he reopened the place a month or so ago. We’ve just been slowly getting back into the swing of things." She bit her lip nervously, feeling slightly guilty she couldn’t offer up more. "I’m sorry, I know it’s not much, but I’ll try to answer any questions you have the best I can. It’s just, we don’t really know much, and the teachers and I guess the X-Men are trying hard to figure things out. There’s another group here too, the Brotherhood, I don’t know if you’ve heard of either, but uhh.." She quietened down, sitting back in her chair whilst her teeth sank into her lip again, waiting for both reaction and words to be voiced.


Erik’s fears where quickly put to an end when a young girl came out of the room, a warm smile spread across her face. She greeted him nicely; but Erik remained on his guard, feeling awkwardly out of place in this old house. A few seconds passed by before Erik looked around to make sure no danger would come from behind and he gazed back at the girl. Senna. The name didn’t ring any bell at all, unfortunately.

"Err, I’m Erik," he replied after a while, sensing no harm would come from this welcoming girl. "And I fear I have no idea where we are. I just woke up from what seems like an endless sleep. And I was here, in this house." Erik hated this feeling of being lost, it made him feel so…powerless.

Senna let her hand fall as she grinned in greeting. “It’s nice to meet you.” He.. didn’t know where he was? Maybe he was one of the few still down in the infirmary, lost in sleep? “You’re at Xavier’s school, for mutants? Don’t worry, it’s safe here, I promise.” She gestured back to the empty classroom before turning back to face him again. “Would you like to come in here? It’s empty, and I can tell you what I know and help as best as I can. Maybe help you get on some sort of track?” She smiled again, waiting for his decision. “I won’t force you to do anything you don’t want to, promise.”

Senna had a skip in her step as she made her way to her brothers room, bag of requested potato chips in one hand and a bottle of water for herself in the other. He’d finally set up his gaming systems, and much to her own pleasures, he’d made her an account to use and invited her to come up and play. The past couple of weeks had been busy, and she’d only seen her brother here and there when they were making phone calls to his daughter’s mother to make arrangements for this and that. They’d finally come to an agreement that Leon would make a trip to see Sunny some time in the next couple of weeks, and from there they’d figure out visiting and all the other important things. 

She didn’t bother knocking when she reached his room, walking in with a smile on her face. “Are we ready? Are we doing this? What are we playing? What are you going to play? Can I pick?” she asked, flurry of questions spewing from her mouth before she could stop herself. She held up the bag and tossed it to him, taking a few steps towards his bed before she jumped on it, making herself comfortable where she could still see the TV. “I think you should play something instead of me this time because I need to learn things,” she grinned, humming as she opened her water, “and there’s the fact I have no idea what’s what.”